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Plus de 600 km de sentiers balisés sillonnent les montagnes du Parc (dont 200 km sur le territoire de Champagny) et offrent aux marcheurs ou aux familles des possibilités de randonnée variées.

Exploring natural resources of the park, the approach wild animals (ibex, chamois, marmots, golden eagle ... or 143 species Champagny la Vanoise counting 275) and flora (orange lilies, blue thistle , edelweiss, columbine, lady's slipper ...

Among the 1,700 species recorded, Champagny account 1000), admire the breathtaking scenery of the Park, the alpine meadows to glacial cirques and summits, and learn about the diversity of its natural heritage, are all reasons for hiking.

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Mountain bike

Several routes for experienced bikers or less adventurous, for sport or family . It is also a way to explore the mountain at your own pace!

60 km of marked trails: - From Champagny-station, access gondola 3 sports routes: 2 hiking trails / enduro with a majority of downhill and one downhill / enduro (The Forest Miollet) created exclusively for mountain biking, very playful, whose major interest is to provide constant rate changes; this track alternates narrow technical passages with banked corners, rows of "S", small bumps, and more rapid and large parts ... Also: For access to 11 other circuits on the area of ​​La Plagne (access via cable car and mountain bike 1h by the Col de la Grande Forcle) - The valley of Champagny le Haut 2 hiking trails (cross country) from the dam to the Couaz along the paths up to Doron Laisonnay (accessible to all routes, for a family practice) and Route 1 sportier , to the pastures of the Glière / chalet Grand Plan (incursions tolerated in the Vanoise national Park).

OPENING TIMES Path open access open daily. ATV trails in accessible by gondola: Open 3-5 days / wk. in July and August

RATES - Free - Ascent gondola ATV: 5 € / passage 15 € / day 20 € / week

Map of circuits

Mountain biking trail Champagny


17.5 km climb 1200 m elevation and a record to beat, that Alejandro Valverde on the legendary ascent of Courchevel, the Carrey at the airfield. 42'30 ', this is the time established by the Spanish in 2005 at the Tour de France in the Alpine resort.

The Cyclo'Courch allows you to test you and make a time on this climb, 2, 9, 16, 23, July 30, August 6 and 17. Records of Summer 2013: Best time man Mikael GALLEGO in 47'50' and best time wife Laetitia Roux 57'25'.

For your information, Marco Pantani had made 43'36 'in 2000 and Richard Virenque was mounted in a time of 48'50 "in 1997 during the Tour de France.


via Ferrata

A short via ferrata (distance and time), easy to access, but (very) difficult (compared to many overhanging passages), which means that it is not to do that if it is accompanied by a or guide that was good arms.

infos : Tourist Office of Champagny-en-Vanoise - Tel: 04 79 55 06 55 -

Type de Via Ferrata : 2003 : Many bars - Little Rock Contact

Schedule: schedule: Approach: 5 min / Via ferrata: 30min, 1:00 / Back: 10 min/p>

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